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UBTREIB is envisioned to be a source of hope, inspiration and fair opportunity for children who are visually impaired. The mission of the UBTREIB is to reach out, touch and enrich the lives of visually impaired in a creative and qualitative manner. It is the declared aim of the institution to spread out and evolve with the needs, desires and dreams of its students. The school also dares to envision a day when its wards shall confidently reach for their self-earned pedestals in a society of equal opportunity.

Few objectives of UBTREIB:

  • To produce literature both in Braille and audio formats to provide it to be sightless people by establishing and maintaining libraries for the visually impaired.
  • To avail current publications literatures and news papers either in Braille or in audio formats to the visually impaired pupil.
  • To establish reading centres in the institutions and places were blind people gather to give them free reading service.
  • To broad cast special reading programme for the visually impaired through electronic media like Radio and Television.
  • To help visually impaired students in their studies by providing study books in Braille or audio formats and finding individuals or voluntary organizations who are ready to do free reading service.
  • To find those visually impaired persons who did not get the opportunity for formal education due to unfavorable circumstances, and help them prepare to appear for school public examination by conducting condensed course.
  • To collect the statistics of visually handicapped people.
  • To frame appropriate rules and laws for the welfare of the sightless people.
  • To collect funds for the functioning of the library by way of subscription, donation, grant, gift etc.
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